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Trials and Tribulations for Concord’s Tories

Middlesex County Convention, Concord, 31 August 1774 “…thwarting the policies of Gage…flouting your King…madness, folly, deserving of nothing but scorn…the colonies are England’s dependent children…cut off from Britain, they will perish…” “…behave obediently, be greatful…compliance and humble petition…England is a mighty nation…open rebellion will lead inevitably to crushing defeat…”  …

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Ingratitude and Broken Promises?

In 1781, the Continental Congress gave Robert Morris, as Superintendent of Finances, broad powers to reform the administration and funding of the Continental Army. Among his reforms, Morris shifted the burden of paying the officers and soldiers directly to the states, so that the legislature of Massachusetts became responsible for…

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Bay Road Politics: Mr. Hartwell and Mr. Whittemore

Chambers Russell, whose ancestral roots were in Lincolnshire, England, had little difficulty in selecting the name “Lincoln” to become the newly incorporated town name for Concord’s Second Precinct. This was formalized on 19 April (of all dates!) 1754, but the naming came easier than did the actual change of address…

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