The Lincoln Minute Men - Muster Events

Schedule of Upcoming Muster events:

Please check calendar for upcoming events

Previous Muster events:

"Thanks to Our Volunteers" by Steve Humphrey - Captain

"Winters of the Revolution" by John Horrigan - Lincoln Minute Men Member

"Preparations for 2007 Day at Minute Man National Historical Park" by Beverly Malone - Lincoln Minute Men Colonials Major

"Cartridge Rolling and Pizza"

"Battle Road History" (Battle Road for Dummies) by D.Michael Ryan - Lincoln Minute Men Historian

"Colonial Cooking" by Ms. Kelly Malone and "Colonial fine clothing" by Ms. Carrie Midura

·  See Details on Clothing Presentation from the muster

·  See Details on Food Presentation from the muster

November 2005 See the Lincoln Minute Men Presidential Inauguration Video by Marty Fahey, relive the preparation and march at the Presidential Inaugural Parade in Washington DC, January 2005

October 2005 Mr. George Quintal, "The Lives of the Lincoln Minute Men of 1775"


Last updated 10.26.2007