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Educating All Citizens, Especially Our Youth

In appearances that bring us the greatest pleasure, we offer interpretative programs for school children in Lincoln and surrounding communities, to raise interest in America’s past. All our members share an enthusiasm for colonial history, and especially for stories about the vivid characters in the Revolution. These include stories of Paul Revere’s capture by the British in Lincoln, of Mary Hartwell’s courage and compassion, of Capt. William Smith’s tragic decline from patriot to pauper, of James Nichols’ desertion from the ranks of the minute men at the North Bridge — and many more. We also discuss and debate the larger issues of the day that provoked the Revolution. And not the least, we offer an introduction to the equipment and the life of a citizen-soldier among Lincoln’s minute men on that historic day in 1775.  For more information or to book a historical appearance, please contact us.  


Research by LMM Members

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