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1.  Who are the Lincoln Minute Men?
The original Lincoln Minute Men were formed in January 1775. When the alarm went out on April 19, 1775, the Lincoln Minute and Militia companies were the first to arrive in Concord, to aid in the defense of American liberty at the North Bridge as their families waited anxiously for their return.  The Lincoln Minute Men of today is an organization that was formed in 1966 by a small group of men interested in commemorating the role of Lincoln in the American Revolution.  In the 21st century, its members come from numerous towns in the area, and our men, women and children number well over 50 strong!  All are welcome to join. We take pride in wearing the typical clothing of citizens living in Lincoln in 1775. We have year-round music rehearsals, winter marching drills, occasional gatherings for workshops and guest speakers, and appearances at various reenactment events, ceremonies, and parades throughout the year, many which we host ourselves.  With education as a key mission for the group, we have also created fun and informative educational programs for the local schools
2.  Are your events family friendly?
Yes, our events are appropriate for families to enjoy together.  We have many children as part of the company, so if you have young children, you can encourage them to talk to the children and ask questions.  
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