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You are cordially invited to become a member of the Lincoln Minute Men. Membership is open to all interested individuals and families. All that is needed is a willing spirit and a love of our historic heritage!  For new members, the Company provides support through instructional drills, music instruction, guidance on authentic 18th century clothing, and equipment from its own inventory.  

Click on the box belong for more information about each role in our company.  For questions about membership or to join our ranks, please contact us. 


Our ranks of soldiers embody the minute and militia companies of 1775 Lincoln.  We will train you if you are 16 or older, male or female, to safely drill and fire a replica of an 18th century musket.  Company-owned muskets are available for loan during the first two years of membership. Drills are held on some weekends in January – March in anticipation of the season beginning in earnest in April. 

Color Guard

Our color guard, both adults and children, carries the Grand Union flag of 1775-1776, the identifying guidon of the Lincoln Minute Men, and various other flags of the eighteenth century.  Anyone over the age of 8 can join the color guard as we have various sized flags available. Our junior members not only learn to march well but they also learn the history of the flags they carry.


Our group of colonial women, men and children of all ages participates in all company events alongside the color guard, soldiers and musicians.  We make history come alive, not only through our clothing and accessories but often with a special interest, from candle making to children’s games to any of the many 18th century trades.  The sky’s the limit –bring your curiosity and learn something new to share!

Fifers and Drummers

Our fifers play 6-hole wooden fifes while the drummers play rope-tension snare drums, just as their Lincoln predecessors Elijah and Joseph Mason and Daniel Brown made music in 1775. Today’s musicians meet weekly throughout the year to rehearse for the ceremonies, parades and music musters at which we perform.  Fifes and drum sticks must be purchased by the musician but the company provides a drum for each drummer.

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